Prestart (Native App – iOS) Released

Thank you to all of our helpful customers that assisted in the pre-release of Prestart Native for Apple. Prestart is now available on the Apple Store.

To download the app search for “Gearbox Prestart” or follow this link Prestart

The native app allows Prestarts and Fault Reports to be carried out offline and sync with Gearbox once online again.

The Prestart Native App requires an initial sync with Gearbox. The data usage is small, but to be safe, we recommend that you install and start the app for the first time on WIFI.

IMPORTANT! We now have 2 versions of Prestart.

The Web App is the existing app used by heading to to access the program from any device. The Web App requires internet access to work.

The Native App needs to be downloaded from the App Store and has the ability to run offline and sync with Gearbox later.

Not all features of the Web app are available in the Native app  (Photos on passed items, Fuel, Load Sheets, LogChecker integration). Before moving to the Native App, please ensure it meets all of your current needs when using prestart.

Both systems will continue to integrate Prestarts and Fault Reports with your Gearbox system, so you can continue to use the Web app or move to the Native App.