Employee Traffic Light

We have added a new feature to Gearbox that quickly identifies to a user whether there are any employees who are not fit for duty or do not have up to date qualifications.

A table has been added to the Employee dashboard that gives a high level view of all employees’ fitness for duty, based on expiring medicals, training and reminders, as well as the results of their most recent Fit for Duty check.

Colour explanation

 medicals, training or reminders for an employee are close to or already have expired, or they failed their most recent fit for duty check

Yellow: their qualifications will be expiring soon

Green: all qualifications are up to date

Grey: the employee has not been fully set up – there are no medicals, training, reminders or fit for duty checks connected to the employee so it is unknown whether they are fit for duty

We have also added a Status column to the Current Employees table to give a quick indication of any employees who are not fit for duty.

Further development of the Traffic Light Feature includes:

Gearbox will evaluate a Vehicle’s Traffic Light Status based on Registration, Warranty Expiration, Disposal dates and related maintenance records including Services Due, Open Fault Reports, Repairs, Tyres and Inspections.

Gearbox will evaluate a Contractor’s Traffic Light Status based on Contractor Reminders such as Workers Comp, Motor Vehicle Insurance and Public Liability expiration dates.