Xero integration with 2-Factor Authentication


To allow Gearbox users to export Purchase Orders created in Gearbox into their Xero system for further processing.

How to integrate Gearbox with Xero

You must be an Administrator within Gearbox and have a Xero account created before proceeding.
  1. Click on the User icon (1), then click on Settings (2), and click on Integrations (3) on the left-hand side.

  2. On the Integrations page, scroll down to Xero and click the Connect to Xero button.

    Pop-ups must be enabled in your browser to continue.

  3. A login to Xero pop up will appear where you will enter your Xero login credentials.

  4. Xero will then prompt you to enable two-step authentication for security purposes. Click Set up two-step authentication button to proceed.

  5. For the purpose of this article the Google Authenticator app will be used. For further information and options click here to view Xero’s two-step authentication guide. Once you have your authenticator app connected to Xero click Continue.

  6. In the next screen enter the code from your authentication app and click Continue.

  7. In Step 3, you will need to select and enter security questions that will be associated with your Xero account. Once you have selected your questions and enter their answers click Continue to proceed.

  8. Step 4 is optional to enter an alternative email address as a backup. Enter an Alternative email address (1) or click Not now (2) to skip this step. It is recommended to enter an alternative email address.

  9. If you have entered an alternative email address in the previous step, Xero will send you a verification code to the alternative email. Check your inbox (and Spam/Junk folders) and enter the Xero provided verification code. Click Confirm email to proceed forward.

  10. If successful the following will be displayed, click Finish and refresh the Inspections page in Gearbox so the following is displayed.

    For information on exporting Purchase Orders to Xero please click here. If you require any assistance please contact Support.