Verizon Connect integration

The purpose of this knowledge base article is to guide users on how to turn on the Verizon Connect integration within their Gearbox system. The Verizon Connect integrations import uploads odometer and hour meter readings into your Gearbox system overnight.

Prior to enabling the Verizon integration please speak to your Verizon Account Manager/Sales Representative if there are any additional charges for API connections.

Configuring Verizon Connect integration

First off click on the User icon (1), then click on Settings (2), and within the Settings page click on Integrations (3).

Scroll down to Verizon Connect, enter your username and password (provided by Verizon). From there click Integration Verizon Connect checkbox (1), and Save (2)

If the credentials have saved the following will appear, click OK.

Once your Verizon Connect credentials have been saved click the Connect Vehicles button in order for Gearbox to connect and sync vehicle fleet number and registration information.