Vehicle Tyre Layout

Gearbox lets you create a tyre layout for a vehicle. This makes it easier to track tyre utilisation by position, without having to translate the jargon of tyre position numbers or nearside, offside etc.

To set up a vehicle, go to a specific vehicle and click on the Axles tab.

Gearbox - Vehicle Tyre Layout - Step 1

Select the axle type in the dropdown box below each axle to update the image.

Many fleets choose to leave a gap between the steer and drive axles per the above example.

When adding a tyre record to a vehicle the screen will now display with the tyre diagram (tyregram)

Screenshot 2015-01-28 20.50.08

To identify which positions require/had the work done, click on the wheel and it will change from grey to black (steer positions in the above example).

The tyre layout will also appear on jobcards – if the setting is enabled. (see Settings > Jobcards )

Gearbox - Vehicle Tyre Layout - Step 3