TomTom Telematics Integration

Gearbox integrates with TomTom Telematics to automatically download meter readings each night (AEST 02:00 AM).

Gearbox - TomTom Integ. - Step 1

To enable TomTom Telematics integration, click your user profile on the right-hand side of the screen (1) and select Settings (2):

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the Integrations (1) button, this will take you to a new screen:

TomTom Integration - Step2

Scroll down on the Integration screen and you will be able to see the TomTom Telematics integration options – you will need to enter your Account Name (1), Username (2), Password (3) and check the Integrate TomTom checkbox (4), once you have done this click Save (5):

TomTom Integration - Step 3

The account username and password must have WEBFLEET.conect privileges enabled within TomTom, please see screenshot below:

Gearbox - TomTom Integ. - Step 3

Once the Integration setting has saved you will need to add the TomTom object number to the corresponding vehicle in Gearbox. Click Vehicles (1) on the left-hand side of the screen or click Maintenance (2) and then click Vehicles (3):

Select the vehicle you wish to add the TomTom object number to.

Under the Settings tab (1), input the TomTom object number in the corresponding field (2), then click Save and Close (3):

TomTom integration step 4

This is typically a one-off as GPS devices are generally fitted to a vehicle and remain fixed. Find the “ID” field and enter this into the “TomTom Object Number” field in Gearbox:

screenshot 2016-05-03 15 33 14

If the “ID” field is not populated in TomTom, please enter your own ID.

Overnight, readings will then be added to the Odometer section for each Vehicle with a valid TomTom Object ID.

To prevent your database being filled with repetitive data, Gearbox will only add a record to the system if the vehicle has been used since the last download.