[Obsolete] Teletrac Navman Integration

This article is obsolete. Please refer to this article for Navman Integration Setup
Gearbox - Teletrac Integ. - Step 1


Gearbox integrates with Teletrac Navman to collect vehicle odometer and hour meter readings on a nightly basis. The data is uploaded into Gearbox as a Mileage/Odometer reading.
To connect Gearbox to Teletrac Navman, Gearbox requires a specific API login for your Director account that is only provided upon your request to Teletrac Navman.
The display name in Navman must match the registration or fleet number in Gearbox for the vehicles to be matched.
Once you’ve received the login credentials from Navman, open Gearbox and in the top right-hand corner, click your user icon (1) and select Settings (2) from the drop-down:
navman integ step1


On the left-hand side of the screen, select Integrations (1):


navman integ step2


This will open a new page, scroll down this page until you find the Navman logo. Enter your username (1), password (2), check the Integrate Navman checkbox (3) and finally, click Save (4):
Once the details have been successfully saved, click the blue Connect Vehicles button (1):
You will receive an email shortly after with the results of the connect vehicles job.
Error/Status codes:
  • No login details retrieved, issue with DoLogin[API]

Indicates there is an issue logging into the API using the provided credentials, contact Navman Support to check the API credentials have been configured correctly.

  • No active vehicle found in Gearbox

Indicates that a vehicle that exists in Navman does not exist in Gearbox. To resolve, add the vehicle from Navman into Gearbox.