3. System Settings

Access the system settings by clicking on your name at the top-right of the screen (1) then clicking on Settings (2):

The Settings Menu will load with all configurable items in the system:

Modifying these settings will affect ALL users


There are 2 types of settings:

1. A Parameter or Value that you enter, e.g. HOURS_LIMIT, this can be thought of as “Number of hours before an item will turn red”:

2. Values that are added such as Training Types: “NHVAS, Induction etc”

All Settings have a default value. Generally this will be suitable for all users, but should be checked to confirm that they are suitable for your business.

3.1 Mandatory Settings

The following settings should be added BEFORE adding any vehicles/assets. Not adding them first will slow down the process of adding Vehicles/Assets as values will not be available in drop-down lists.

Add or Edit Business/Report Logo

Add or Edit Vehicle Types

Add or Edit Vehicle Makes

Add or Edit Vehicle Configurations

Add or Edit Vehicle Groups and Subgroups

Add or Edit Service Groups and Settings

3.2 Vehicle Settings

Add or Edit Registration Warnings

Add or Edit Spare Field Names

Add or Edit Reminder Settings

3.3 Maintenance Settings

Adding Values

Add or Edit Fuel Types

Add or Edit Other Types

Add or Edit Repairers

Add or Edit Repair Types

Add or Edit Tyre Types

Configuring Settings

Edit Odometer Settings

Edit Repair Settings

Edit Service Settings

Edit Tyre Settings

3.4 Employee Settings

Add or Edit Medical Types

Add or Edit Training Types

3.5 Compliance Settings

Add or Edit Permit Types

Edit Mass Verification Settings

3.6 Integration’s

Prestart Integration