Supported Devices (Minimum Requirements)

This article outlines the minimum requirements that a device must have for Gearbox and Prestart to run optimally and for us to provide support. As a general rule, we provide support for devices that are also currently supported by Google or Apple.

Prestart Native

Android devices: We support devices that can run Android version 8.0 (Oreo) and above.

iOS devices: We support devices that can run iOS version 13.6.1. Currently the oldest iPhone we support is the 6S.

Prestart may run on other mobile devices, however, it is not supported by us. If you are having issues running Prestart, we recommend that you check you have the latest software version installed on your phone or tablet.

Gearbox & Prestart Web

As these programs are web-based, there is nothing to download or install. Any computer or device with a HTML5 compliant browser (Chrome, Safari or Firefox) is fine. We do not support Internet Explorer or recommend that you use it.