Setting up Inspections

To setup a recurring inspection on a vehicle, we must first create the inspection in Gearbox. Click your user profile on the right-hand side of the screen (1) and select Settings (2)

On the left-hand side of the screen, click Inspection Types (1)

Inspection Setup - Step 2

From this screen, you can Add New Type (1) of Inspection or edit existing Inspection Settings (2) or Inspection Items (3). In this example we will be add a new type of Inspection.

Inspection Setup - Step 3

Enter the Inspection Label (1) and the Inspection Interval (2), then click Save (3)

Inspection Setup - Step 4

We will now add some items required for the inspection that must be completed, click the Edit Inspection Items (1) button of the Inspection we just created

Inspection Setup - Step 5

Click the Add New (1) button

Inspection Setup - Step 6

Select the Section (1) that this inspection item is related to, enter a short Description (2) of the inspection item (e.g. what needs to be checked/fixed) and the Item Order (3) – the item order refers to where on the jobcard the item will appear, i.e. ‘1’ is the first item on the jobcard. Finally, click Create Inspection Item (4)

Inspection Setup - Step 7

Continue to add as many Inspection Items as required, once you have added all items click the Maintenance drop-down (1) and select Vehicles (2) – we will now assign this Inspection to a vehicle

Inspection Setup - Step 8

Once you have selected the Vehicle you want to assign the Inspection type to, click the Compliance tab (1) then click the green Assign Inspection Type (2) button

Inspection Setup - Step 9

Select the Inspection Type we created earlier from the drop-down (1), ensure the Active checkbox is ticked (2), if necessary enter the next due date (3) – if you do not enter a next due date the count-down to the next inspection begins from the date you assign the inspection type to a vehicle, else the next due date will be what you have assigned and the count-down will begin from that date for the next inspection.

Finally, click Create Vehicle Inspection Type (4)

Inspection Setup - Step 10

Click Save and Close on the vehicle screen – we will now confirm the vehicle appears in the Inspection module of Gearbox

Click the Compliance drop-down (1) and select Inspections (2)

Inspection Setup - Step 11

Click the Active button (1) and search for your Vehicle if neccesary (2) – you will see that you can now create an Inspection (3) if needed

Inspection Setup - Step 12