Setting Purchase Order Limits

Gearbox allows a Standard User to be limited to an individual purchase order expenditure amount.

A Standard (Parts) User can have a Purchase Order Limit applied. A Manager (Parts) will receive approval request emails and can approve Purchase Orders.

If a user has a Purchase Order limit of $1000 and creates a Purchase Order that exceeds that amount, the user will not be given an actual Purchase Order Number on the screen or have the ability to print/view a Purchase Order report. Screenshot 2016-04-27 21.17.46


Instead, the user will be advised that the Purchase Order is awaiting approval, and Gearbox will send an approval request email to the Users with Manager permission levels in Inventory.

The Pending purchase order will have the Purchase Order number concealed, and will be listed on the Awaiting Approval page:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 1

When a manager views the Purchase Order, they will have the ability to Approve the Purchase Order:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 2

Once approved, the Purchase Order number is visible to all users:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 3

and the Purchase Order may be printed:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 4


Sample Purchase Order:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 5

To update a users purchase order limit, click on your user profile (1) and select Users (2):

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 6

Select the user you wish to modify their purchase order limit, once their user settings have loaded, under the Purchase Orders header you can modify the users Purchase Order Limit (1). Once you have modified the limit, click Update User:

Gearbox - PO limit - Step 7