User Management: Mark User as Inactive

If a Gearbox user leaves your business or no longer requires access to the Gearbox system, be sure to mark them as inactive in the system to prevent unnecessarily paying for their login.

In the top-right corner of Gearbox, click your user icon (1) and from the drop-down menu select Users (2)

This will take you to the Admin Dashboard that provides an overview of your current Gearbox costs, on the left-hand side of Gearbox, click Users (1):

This will take you to the User table where you can manage your users information and permissions, click on the user you want to make Inactive.

Once the Edit User screen has loaded, check the Inactive option (1) and click Update User (2)

You will receive a pop-up confirming that this will reduce your subscription cost and you will also receive an email notification soon after.