Add or Edit Service Groups and Settings

Create Service Group:

Access the Service Groups Settings, click on your user profile (1) on the left-hand side of the screen and then click Settings (2):

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 1

On the left-hand side of the screen scroll (1) to the bottom of the page and select Service Groups (2):

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 2

From this screen we can Add New (1) Service Groups, Edit Service Intervals (2) and Edit Checklist Items (3) – we will be adding a new Service Group first:

Enter the Service Group Name (1), A (2) alias, B (3) alias and C (3) alias. You can enter up to E for service types:

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 4

Then add applicable intervals for Servicing on KMs/Miles, Hours & Days. Note: this group is based on KMs for A and B Services, but has an Annual C service on 365 days:

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 5

In the above example, a vehicle in the group will turn Yellow for an A service when within 500 kms/miles of the due service odometer reading. Once a vehicle is within 250 kms/miles of the service due reading it will turn Red

Tip: Some Fleet Managers choose to have 0 as the Red warning.

The Compliance field is used to set a limit of the maximum interval between a service before a non conformance is raised. This is a feature typically used by NHVAS Maintenance Management accredited fleets or TruckSafe. In the above example, an A Service is allowed a 15% tolerance on the specified interval.


NOTE: Gearbox uses a cascading service due feature. Use A as the smallest service and E as the largest service. This means that all items in an A service are contained in a B,C,D & E service. Do not use the E service for services such as “Mixer”, “Inspection” or “Transmission”. In this scenario when you record an E Service, Gearbox will reset the meter for an A,B,C & D service as it will consider that all items included in that service were also carried out. For more information contact customer support. Use the “Inspections” section in the Compliance menu and created a sub-vehicle/asset to manage transmissions or mixer services that do not align with the primary assets servicing schedule.

Click Save Service Group once you have completed creating the Service Group.

Edit Service Settings:

Follow the steps in Create Service Group until you are back at the Service Groups settings page.

Click Edit Service Settings (1) to change the intervals when a service is due for the group:

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 6

From this screen you can edit Service Group name, Alias names for the services and the intervals for KMs, hours and days.

Add or Edit Jobcard Items:

Follow the steps in Create Service Group until you are back at the Service Groups settings page.

Click Edit Service Items (1) to change the Jobcard settings:

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 7

From this screen you can Add New (1) Jobcard items and edit existing Jobcard items by clicking on the item (2):

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 8

The Add New and Edit Item screens are visually the same, the Add New screen will not have a delete item option until after it has been saved.

Attach the Service Jobcard Item to the relevant Service Group (1), optionally add a Section, Description and Item Order. Then, assign a service the Jobcard item is relevant to and click Create Service Item (2):

Gearbox - Service Groups - Step 8

If you are editing an existing Service Item you will have to click Update Service Item.

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