Service Due Feature

GEARBOX allows a vehicle to be serviced by KMs/Miles, Hours or Days. You may also use a combination of all 3 such as 10,000km, 250 Hour, 30 Day Service. Gearbox will alert you for whichever occurs first.

The maintenance dashboard will display summary information for Services Due by KMs/Miles, Hours & Days. Yellow indicates the total services due soon, and Red indicates the total services due now.

Gearbox - Service Due Feat - Step 1

Clicking on a Red or Yellow number will load the details of the respective screen – Clicking on services due soon based on KMs will load a list of all services due based on KMs per below:

Gearbox - Service Due Feat - Step 2

You can also go to this screen by selecting Services from the main menu then clicking on Due by KMs, Due by Hours or Due by Days on the Service menu.

The current odometer reading is displayed in grey (for the service due KMs screen).

Each Column [A,B,C,D,E] displays the odometer reading for when the next service of that type is due. Yellow indicates that a service is dues soon, red indicating that a service is due now or overdue. If a vehicles “Service Group” does not include a particular service(s), then the odometer value is not displayed for the next service due in the corresponding columns (such as the above example with B3 having only an A service.)

A vehicle inherits its service intervals and checklists from its Service Group.

Note 1: For the service due KMs & hours to prompt for services due, you must keep gearbox updated with regular (typically weekly) odometer / hourmeter readings. Entering Fuel, Prestarts or Odometer readings will update the service due for a vehicle/asset.
Note 2: GEARBOX uses a cascading service due feature.  Use A as the smallest service and E as the largest service. This means that all items in an A service are contained in a B,C,D & E service. Do not use the E service for services such as “Mixer”, “Inspection” or “Transmission”. In this scenario when you record an E Service, GEARBOX will reset the meter for an A,B,C & D service as it will consider that all items included in that service were also carried out. For more information contact customer support. Use the “Inspections” section in the Compliance menu and create a sub-vehicle/asset to manage transmissions or mixer services that do not align with the primary assets servicing schedule.

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