Recording Covid Tests in Gearbox

For businesses affected by the latest Health NSW Public Health Orders, some drivers are required to be tested for Covid-19 every 3 days.

To track these in Gearbox, go to Settings and add a new Medical Type called “Covid-19 72 Hour” or similar.

Create a new medical the first time a driver has reported a test. You can use the documents field to attach a screenshot or copy of the test result or add a note to record how the test result was confirmed.

To manage when repeat tests are due, go to Medicals Due. You can filter the table for Covid tests by using the search function. Click on the original record to add a repeat test.

Close out the current Medical so that you are no longer prompted for renewal and create a new one by selecting Save & Repeat.

Adding a COVID question to Prestart

Another option is to add a Prestart question such as “I have taken and passed a Covid Test per the requirements of my location ” to assist with compliance requirements.