Prestart User Guide

To access Prestart on any smartphone or tablet, go to: or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Open the app and enter your mobile number and six-digit PIN then click Login.

Prestart is not to be used while driving or operating equipment. Accept the warning to continue.

The first task is to identify the vehicle/plant (1) and trailers (2) that you require. Prestart can be configured to select up to 6 trailers. The app will remember the last vehicle and trailers you used. Click the top white box (1) to change the truck and other white boxes (2) to change trailers.

Start typing a Fleet # or Registration in the white search box (1) to find the required vehicle. You can also scroll to see more vehicles.

Once you have the correct vehicles selected, click on the Prestart button (1).

Before starting the Prestart, the app will list any outstanding Fault Reports and open Repairs. This is to advise of any known issues with the asset and to allow you to select one as a fail option to prevent duplication of Fault Reports.

Click Start Prestart (1).

Prestart will display one question at a time. The top of the screen will identify the vehicle, followed by the question and possible answers (Fail, N/A and Pass buttons).

Pass will identify that you believe the asset meets the requirements of the question. N/A can be used in situations where the question is not relevant to the asset at this current time (e.g. the question is related to an attachment that is not fitted). To attach a photo to a Pass or N/A item, simply click the Photo button and take a photo of the item before clicking Pass or N/A.

If the vehicle/plant does not meet the requirements of the question, clicking the “Fail” button loads the following screen.

If there is already an Open Repair or Open Fault Report reflecting the same issue, select it from the list (1). Prestart will still record that you failed the item, but will not create duplicate fault reports.

To enter a new fault report, select the reason why you failed the item (2).

Add a note (3) and a photo (4) if required, then click Save (5).

Once you have finished the checklist you will be prompted to enter the current Odometer, Hourmeter and Hubometer readings, then click Next. This will only appear if enabled in your Gearbox settings.

If you have selected trailers, the first trailer Prestart checklist will begin.

Once all checklists have been completed, Prestart will display a summary of the information and provide an area for you to sign (1). Once signed, click Submit (2).

Prestart will upload your completed checklist answers and photos to Gearbox. Any items that were failed will be created as a new Fault Report (if an existing one is not selected) and an email will be sent to the nominated email addresses.

Attached to this article is a PDF version of the steps that have been modified slightly to fit the PDF format better. Please feel free to download this as reference for your drivers or any other user of Prestart.