Prestart Checklist Settings

To assign a Prestart checklist to a vehicle, navigate to Vehicles by either clicking on Vehicles (1) on the left-hand side of the screen or clicking the Maintenance (2) drop-down then selecting Vehicles (3):

Gearbox - Prestart Checklist - Step 1

Click the Vehicle you wish to assign a Prestart checklist to, once the Edit Vehicle screen has loaded click the Settings (1) tab from the top of the screen:

Gearbox - Prestart Checklist - Step 2

Further down the Settings page, under the Configuration header, there will be a drop-down named Prestart Checklist (1). From this drop-down box select the desired Prestart Checklist (in this example it is Trucks):

Gearbox - Prestart Checklist - Step 3

Click Save and Close once you have finished editing the Vehicle.