Pinpoint Telematics Integration

Gearbox is now able to pull odometer and hour readings for assets from Pinpoint devices.

You must have an API URL, password and AVM login to Pinpoint prior to completing the below steps. You must also be a Gearbox administrator prior to completing the below steps.
In Gearbox, click your user profile on the right-hand side of the screen (1) and select Settings (2) from the drop-down:
pinpoint integ step1
On the left-hand side of the screen, click on Integrations (1), a new page will load:
pinpoint integ step2
Scroll down on the Integrations page until you find the Pinpoint Communications logo. Enter your API username (or URL) into the Username field (1), enter your API password into the password field (2), check the Integrate PinPoint checkbox (3) and then click Save (4):
pinpoint integ step3
Open a new tab in your browser and navigate to Pinpoint AVM (this can be found on the Pinpoint homepage):
pinpoint integ step4
Login to Web AVM with your credentials. On the top-right hand side of the screen, click the Manage (1) link:
If you are not taken to the Vehicle Details screen immediately, from the drop-down select Vehicles (1) then select Details (2):
pinpoint integ step6
Select a vehicle from the list on the left-hand side (1), click the Details tab (2), locate the Unique Code field (3) and enter a unique code for this vehicle then click Save (4).
Note: this will be the Pinpoint ID of the vehicle in Gearbox, please keep a note of this Unique Code.
pinpoint integ step7
Navigate back to Gearbox and navigate to the vehicles page. Click the Maintenance (1) drop-down then select Vehicles (2) or click Vehicles (3) on the sidebar:
pinpoint integ step8
Ensure you select the same vehicle as the one you want to connect to Pinpoint, if you enter the wrong ID against a vehicle it will download the wrong odometer readings and engine hours.
Once the vehicle has download, click the Settings tab (1), enter the PinPoint Object Number (2) – this is the unique ID we entered in Pinpoint AVM and finally, click Save and Close (3):
pinpoint integ step9
Overnight, if there is a odometer or engine hour update (i.e. the vehicle is driven throughout that day and the ignition is turned off prior to the Gearbox pull being run) the latest odometer and hour readings will be pulled.
You can verify this under the Odometer tab of a vehicle and viewing the latest odometer entries marked with the tag PinPoint:
pinpoint integ step10