Pinning/Star Notes

The Starred Notes feature was rolled out during our Nov/Dec 2019 Development Cycle. It allows users to Star or ‘pin’ a note against a work order. Users can get an overall view of all notes on the Starred Notes dashboard. You can Star a note for Services, Repairs, and Tyre jobs.

Work Order Notes

Certain work orders will have their Show History in different locations, see below.

Services – located at the bottom of the page, click Show History to expand the page and view job notes.

Repairs – below Vehicle drop-down click on More Information (1) and then click Show History (2) to expand the page and view job notes.

Tyres – just like Repairs below Vehicle drop-down click on More Information (1) and then click Show History (2) to expand the page and view job notes.

How to create a note and save as a Starred Note

The following process can be applied for a Service, Repair, and Tyre work order as long as you expand the work order’s notes via the Show History button. The example below is based on a Service work order.

Within the Service work order scroll to the bottom of the page to view the work order’s notes and click + Add Note

Within the note window add your comments (1) and click Save (2) when complete.

Within the work order’s notes you will now see your newly saved note in which you can click the Star icon to star and pin the note. Click Save and close at the bottom of the page to save changes.

Then by clicking on Dashboard and using the drop-down menu select Starred Notes and you will see all your Starred notes. You can click on the star icon on a note to un-star/un-pin the note, this will make the note disappear from the screen.

If you have any difficulties or queries please contact Support.