Parts Usage on Service, Repairs and Tyres

Gearbox allows you to record parts used during a Service, Repair or Tyre activity.

Gearbox - Parts Usage - Step 1


Adding parts to a Vehicle and ticking the appropriate columns will automatically add those parts to the relevant service. (in this example all 4 parts will be automatically added to a B or C Service)


Gearbox - Parts Usage - Step 2

Any parts added to a Service will also appear on the Service Jobcards (this may be turned off in settings if required):

Gearbox - Parts Usage - Step 3

If the Parts / Inventory system is enabled, parts used during a Service, Repair or Tyre will automatically be deducted from Stock when the Service, Repair Or Tyre is closed.

Prior to a Service, Repair or Tyre being closing out, any parts selected will appear as “Allocated” in the inventory system.