Parts & Inventory – Getting Started

This article is for setting up single site inventory. For further information on multiple stores/sites, read further below ‘Sites’.

Gearbox allows users to manage parts ordering, stock and usage. This article is an overview for setting up initial stock levels, using parts and reordering parts through purchase orders.

Just need the basics? For a quick overview:

Parts & Inventory QuickStart

Adding Parts to the Parts Register

The first step is to add your Parts list to Gearbox so that Parts can be Ordered, Received, Allocated and Used in Gearbox.

Adding New Parts to Gearbox >

Initial Stocktake

Once you’ve added all of the required Parts to the Parts list, its time to update Gearbox with the current levels of Stock for each Part.

Stocktake in Gearbox >

Using Parts

Parts are deducted from Stock in Gearbox by simply using the Part in a Service, Repair or Tyre Work Order.

Using Parts in Gearbox >

Purchase Orders

Gearbox uses Purchase Orders to order and receive Parts into Stock

Purchase Orders in Gearbox >


Use the same method of setting initial stock levels in Gearbox to do a stocktake.

Stocktake in Gearbox >

Multi Site Inventory

This feature is only enabled upon request. Please Contact Us to have this feature enabled

Parts – MultiSite Inventory >