Offset configuration


When an asset (vehicle or plant) has an odometer/hour reader replaced and the readings need to be reset to 0 an offset is applied. By applying an offset you align the readings to what is visually shown and keep the asset on the servicing schedule.

In Gearbox, there are two (2) different offset fields – Mileage and Hours.

Configuring Offset

Scenario: Truck ‘Big Red’ (FEN41R) has reached 350,000 Kms and 5,700 hours and both odometer and hour meter need to be replaced. An offset will need to be set for both Big Red’s odometer and hour readings.

Go to Maintenance (1) > Vehicles (2) > select asset (3)

In the Vehicle Settings tab (1) enter the Mileage offset field (2) enter 350000, in the Hours offset field (3) enter 5700 then click Save and close (4) to save configurations.

Entering new mileage/hour reading

For example, Big Red has a new odometer and hour reader both starting at 5km and 5 hours. To set new reading base reading go to Latest Odometer Readings page click on Add Reading (1).

First, enter Mileage date (1) followed by Visual Mileage Reading (2) and/or Visual Hours Reading (3) then click Save and close (4)


By default, Gearbox will show the offset + visual reading within Service Due By Km/Hours. To show the reading on the asset follow steps below.
Click on the User icon (1), then click Settings (2), within Business Setting scroll down to DISPLAY_VISUAL_READING (3) and replace FALSE with TRUE.

Click on System Parameters to reveal settings.

Due by Km/Miles – Before

Due by Hours – Before

Due by Km/Miles – After

Due by Hours – After

If you require further assistance, please contact Gearbox Support.