Navman Integration

Navman is changing how we can connect and match assets between the two systems, the steps below outline how to update your integration to ensure your assets are still downloading readings.

You only need to follow these steps if you have an active Navman & Gearbox integration
In the top-right corner of Gearbox, click your user icon (1) and select ‘Settings’ (2) from the drop-down menu:
On the left-hand side of the screen, click ‘Integrations’ (1):
Scroll down on this page until you find the Navman section (1), click the ‘Connect Vehicles’ button (2):
This will connect assets based on the fleet number or registration in Gearbox. Therefore, the fleet number or registration in Gearbox must match the display name or registration number in Navman
Gearbox will automatically attempt to add the new ID to the assets based on the information from Navman.
You will receive an email with a CSV file attached detailing the results of the connection.