Multi-Site Inventory

Gearbox features MultiSite Inventory. This Feature is only enabled on request – please Contact Us to enable this feature if required.

To manage multiple sites the first step is to create Sites in Gearbox. Note: If you cannot see Sites, multisite has not been enabled.

Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 1

In the above example, we are using the location of Depots (Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane). Sites may be temporary or permanent. A service truck or shipping container can also be a site.

The are 2 key differences when MultiSite inventory is available. The Parts screen has the ability to set min/max stock levels at each site and also identified parts that have been used without a Site being identified (Part Activity without a site)


Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 2

Secondly, each area in the system where a Part may be selected – Services, Repairs, Tyres, Purchase Orders and Stock Adjustments each contain a Site dropdown so that users can Identify which Site the transaction is related to.

Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 3


In our above Purchase Order example, we received 50 filters into the Sydney Site. To move 20 of those filters to Melbourne, we head to Stock Adjustments and Click New. This single screen allows for Stock Adjustment and Stock Transfers between sitesGearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 3


Clicking on the Transfer button, we can move 20 filters to Melbourne from Sydney

Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 4

Gearbox will create 2 stock adjustment records – 1 to deduct from Sydney and 1 to Increase the stock in Melbourne. We’ll also send 5 to Brisbane.

Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 5

With the Parts Transferred, Gearbox will update the Stock Levels at each Site:


Gearbox - multi-site invt. - Step 6

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