MTData Integration Setup

You must have a business email setup to complete these steps. Please contact support requesting your business email is setup.
Gearbox uses the registration in MTData to match vehicles. Therefore, the registration in MTData must match the registration in Gearbox.
The MTData Integration allows you to forward the “Utilisation Report” from MTData to your Gearbox Mileage Import address.


Once received at the Gearbox address, Gearbox automatically processes the file and imports the mileage readings into your system.


MTData does not support emailing to domains ending in `.email` because of this, you will be required to setup an email forwarder. The basic flow of events will be:


1.  MTData emails scheduled ‘Utilisation Report’ to:
2. forwards the email to
3. Gearbox processes the ‘Utilisation Report’ and imports the readings
4. Nominated Gearbox user receives an email with the results of the import


Gearbox Support cannot help with setting up an email forwarder for this.


Once your mileage import address has been configured by Gearbox Support you will need to enable the MTData Integration to find it.


Click your user profile (1) and select ‘Settings’ (2) from the dropdown:
On the left-hand side of the screen, click the ‘Integrations’ (1) option:
Find the MTData integration and check the ‘Integrate MTData’ (1) option then select a user to email the results of the import to (2) and click save:
Once the page has refreshed, find the MTData integration again and you will now have your import address:
The address above has been obfuscated for security reasons.
Now that you have the mileage import address you can setup a scheduled report in MTData to email the ‘Utilisation Report’ on a daily basis:
Alternatively, you can directly import the file to Gearbox by clicking the ‘Import MTData’ option on the Mileage Import screen: