Load Sheets & Prestart

Gearbox offers the ability for Employees to log their Load Sheets directly into Gearbox via Prestart. This article and the linked articles demonstrate how to set this up.

Firstly, we must setup the Employees in Gearbox to allow them to login to Prestart: https://www.gearbox.support/knowledge-base/adding-drivers-to-prestart-in-gearbox/

Next, we must setup the Mass Limits against the assets: https://www.gearbox.support/knowledge-base/assign-mass-limits-to-an-asset/

With all the setup completed, you can now have your Employees log Load Sheets through Prestart: https://www.gearbox.support/knowledge-base/adding-a-load-sheet-from-prestart/

Once your Employees have begun logging Load Sheets in through Prestart, you can view them in Gearbox: https://www.gearbox.support/knowledge-base/viewing-load-sheets-from-prestart-in-gearbox/