Komatsu Komtrax integration


The Komatsu Komtrax integration allows for automatic importing of hour readings from Komatsu Komtrax nightly. Gearbox will then use the hour readings from Komatsu Komtrax to ensure your assets are serviced in a timely manner.

Enabling Komatsu Komtrax integration

The steps below will guide you how to enable the integration.

Please speak to your Komatsu Komtrax Account Manager/Sales Representative for your Subscriber ID, and for an API username and password.
  1. Click on the User icon
  2. Click Settings
  3. On the navigation bar on the left-hand side, scroll and click on Integrations
  4. On the Integrations page scroll down to Komatsu
  5. Enter your Subscriber ID, API username and password, then click Integrate Komatsu Komtrax and click Save.
  6. This will connect your Gearbox and Komatsu systems together and allow for hour meters to be imported nightly.

If you have any issues or require assistance regarding the above please contact Support.