Importing MTData Utilisation Reports

The purpose of this guide is to guide users on how to import MTData Utilisation Reports manually if they are unable to configure scheduled imports from MTData into Gearbox.

Within the Utilisation Report Gearbox will use the following column’s data:

Column B: Vehicle – Used to determine vehicle ID
Column E: Last Report – Used to determine date for odometer record
Column G: Odometer End- Used to determine final odometer reading

To import the MTData Utilisation Report into Gearbox manually please see steps below.

Under the Maintenance module select Odometer (1) and then click Import Mileage (2).

Within the Mileage Import page click on + Select File To Import (1) button to browse your computer for the Utilisation Report. Once selected click Import MTData (2) button.

Gearbox can only accept 1000 rows of data when importing spreadsheets. If your spreadsheet contains more than 1000 rows, please segment into multiple parts and import each part individually.

The following will be displayed as Gearbox processes your request.

If the import was successful under the notification bell you will see Mileage Import notification.

If however, the import has failed you will see the following in which you should momentarily check your email inbox for an email from

If you do not see this email please check your Spam/Junk folder or consult with your IT Administrator if it has been caught within an email filter.

Clicking on View entire message you will see the following.

Once you rectify the errors save the utilisation Report and reimport into Gearbox. If the import is successful no further changes are required, if the import has failed repeat the process until all errors are cleared.

If you require assistance please contact Support.