Import Komatsu/KOMTRAX Mileage Readings

Gearbox allows for the import of Komatsu/KOMTRAX Mileage reports, these can be found within KOMTRAX or will be emailed to your nominated email/s daily with the subject ‘KOMTRAX Service Meter Reading Report’

Before attempting to import the Komatsu/KOMTRAX file, please ensure it has (at a minimum) the following headers: “FleetNo”, “SMR” and “Last Communication”.

Once you have received the KOMTRAX Service Meter Reading Report, within Gearbox navigate to the Odometer section of Gearbox:

Komatsu Integration - Step 1

Click the Import Mileage button (1) to open the mileage import screen:

Komatsu Integration - Step 2

Click the Select File To Import button (1) and browse your local device for the saved Komatsu/KOMTRAX file, once this has been uploaded click the Import Komtrax button (2):

Komatsu Integration - Step 3

If the import was successful you will receive an email indicating the number of entries added and 10 most recent entries. If the import was unsuccessful you will receive an email detailing why the import was unsuccessful.