Import Fuel Data from Excel

The preferred format for importing Fuel Data is an .xlsx file, this is the most common file type provided by Excel. While .xlsx is preferred, .csv file are also supported.

On the left-hand side of the screen, click on Fuel (1):

Gearbox - import fuel - Step 1

Select the Import Fuel button (1):

Gearbox - import fuel - Step 2

If you do not have your Fuel file in the correct format as demonstrated on the page, please download a copy of the XLSX template and copy your Fuel data into this then try uploading. If the import data does not match the template then no Fuel data will be imported.

You may have a number of supplier entries that would be best suited to be entered as only the one supplier. For example BP Campbelltown, BP Gosford and BP Luddenham would be better entered under “BP” only. The reason for this is that only data with a matching supplier will be imported into Gearbox.

Click the blue Select File to Import button (1) and select your fuel file from your local device:

Gearbox - import fuel - Step 3

Click the green Import button, you will receive a pop-up to indicate the file has been received and is being imported. Once the file has been imported you will receive an email to confirm the number of entries imported and if any were unable to be imported.