Gearbox Save Options

Gearbox has several save options to streamline your workflow, the effect of each option may not be immediately obvious though.

Save and Close

Saves the current item and returns you to the previous page. For example, clicking ‘Save and Close’ on a Vehicle will save the changes made on the vehicle and return you to the page you were previously viewing.

Save and Continue

Saves the current item and refreshes the page, you will still be viewing the same item you just saved. This is commonly used where Documents are required to be uploaded as an item must be saved prior to uploading Documents.

Save and Repeat

Saves the current item, copies details from it to a new item and allows you to make further modifications to the new item. The details copied change depending on the item it is used on but the most common item copied is the vehicle.

For example, clicking ‘Save and Repeat’ on a Permit saves the current Permit and creates a new unsaved Permit with the following copied details: ‘Type’ and ‘Supplier’.

Save and Copy

Same as ‘Save and Repeat’.