Procon Telematics Integration

Gearbox integrates with Procon Telematics by collecting odometer readings overnight and creating Odometer records in Gearbox.

To configure this integration, you’ll need to login to Fleet Locate and capture the serial number for each Vehicle, then add that number against the corresponding Vehicle in Gearbox.

Step 1

To enable Integration to Procon in Gearbox, click your user profile on the right-hand side of the screen (1) and select Settings (2):

On the left-hand side of the screen, click the Integrations (1) button, this will take you to a new screen:

Navman Integration - Step2

Scroll down the Integrations page until you reach Procon Telematics, check the Integrate Procon and Get Odometer Values Nightly checkboxes and enter your username and password.

Leave the Extended Data Feed Password blank unless you are using LogChecker Live Analytics. Click Save.

Gearbox - Procon Integ. - Step 1


Step 2

Login to your Fleet Locate account and browse to Vehicles

Gearbox - Procon Integ. - Step 2

Click on the Vehicle you wish to integrate with Gearbox and copy the Serial Number

Gearbox - Procon Integ. - Step 3

Step 3

Locate the Vehicle in Gearbox and Paste the Serial Number into the Procon Object Number field

Gearbox - Procon Integ. - Step 4

Save Changes.

Readings imported overnight will be identified by a red Procon badge to identify the source of the reading.

Gearbox - Procon Integ. - Step 5