Fuel Credit Report

Gearbox features a Fuel credit report for tracking Fuel Tax Credits. The report caters for On-Road, Off-Road and Auxiliary Fuel Credit categories.

To setup vehicles for the report, eligible vehicles need to be identified.

To assign a Fuel Credit Category to a vehicle, navigate to Vehicles by either clicking on Vehicles (1) on the left-hand side of the screen or clicking the Maintenance (2) drop-down then selecting Vehicles (3):

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 1

Click the Vehicle you wish to assign a Fuel Credit Category to, once the Edit Vehicle screen has loaded click the Settings (1) tab from the top of the screen:

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 2

Under the Configuration header, there will be a drop-down named Fuel Credit Category (1). From this drop-down box select the desired Fuel Credit Category (in this example it is OnRoad):

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 3

Click Save and Close to exit and save.

Navigate to Fuel by either clicking Fuel (1) on the left-hand side or clicking the Maintenance (2) drop-down then clicking Fuel (3):

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 4

You will now be able to see that the Vehicle from above has been assigned the relevant Fuel Credit Category:

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 5


Tip: The fleet number on the Fuel Index Page is a hyperlink – use it to quickly setup the Fuel Rebate Category for each vehicle.

You can then use the Fuel Credit Report to quickly see the claimable dollar amount for Fuel Credit. Click Reports (1):

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 6

Select Fuel Credit Register by clicking the blue PDF button (1):

Gearbox - Fuel Credit - Step 7

Screenshot 2016-02-29 16.05.24