Exporting Purchase Orders & Tracking Categories in Xero


To provide instructions on how to export Purchase Orders from Gearbox to an integrated Xero system.

Xero must be integrated prior to exporting Purchase Orders.
Xero has a 30 min timer on session tokens which may result in additional login pop-up windows to appear.

Exporting Purchase Orders

  1. Within your Purchase Order click on the orange Export to Xero button.

  2. Login to your Xero system and go to Business > Bills to pay and click on your exported Purchase Order.

  3. If no further changes are required to the Purchase Order in Gearbox you will need to go back and close it as it will remain open indefinitely.

Tracking Categories

Gearbox’s Xero integration now allows Users to configure a maximum of two Tracking Categories which can provide the following:

  • Vehicle Fleet number
  • Vehicle Rego
  • Purchase Order number

In order to display Gearbox’s Tracking Category information, they must first be configured in Xero.

Configuring Tracking Categories

These are used in order for certain fields in Xero to be auto-populated.

  1. Within Gearbox’s Integration page navigate to Xero integration settings

  2. Enable a maximum of two Tracking Categories, type a for your Tracking Category and select the relevant Gearbox Purchase Order link, and click Save.

  3. Login to your Xero system and navigate to Accounting > Advanced > Tracking categories.

  4. On the Tracking Categories page click on Add Tracking Category to add a category. Give your Category a Name and Category options. In the screenshot below, the vehicle’s Gearbox Fleet # and Rego must be entered as a Category option.

  5. Once your Tracking Categories are saved export a Purchase Order to Xero and your tracking categories should be displayed as per below.

For information on how to integrate Gearbox to your Xero system click here. If you require any further assistance please contact Support.