Email Documents to Gearbox

Emailing Documents to Gearbox is not supported by default, please contact support to enable this.
You must have an active account and be subscribed to the Documents module to use this feature.
 To find your configured email address to send Documents for processing to, click the user icon on the top-right hand corner (1) and from the drop-down, select Settings (2):
On the left-hand side of the screen, click ‘Integrations’ (1) from the available options:
You will find your Documents email address here (1), the email address in this example has been obfuscated for privacy:
From your preferred email client, enter the email address from the previous step into the ‘To:’ field and attach the relevant files.
The email address you are sending FROM (i.e. your email address) must be an Active user in Gearbox
Once sent please allow up to 5-minutes for processing, then return to Gearbox and navigate to ‘Documents’ (1) then select ‘Unprocessed’ (2):
The recently emailed file(s) will appear in this view, from here you can process the Documents as required.