Display Vehicles on Service Due Type

Gearbox allows you to display vehicles assigned to a specified Service Due Type, these are either Due by KMs/Miles (1), Due by Hours (2) or Due by Days (3). You can access these through the Maintenance Dashboard by clicking on the number displayed under Soon or Now for your service due type:

Gearbox - Service Due Type - Step 1

For example, clicking on Now under Vehicles on KMs will take you to the Services screen and display all Vehicles with Services Due Now based on their KM/Miles readings. From this screen you can change to Due by Hours (1) and Due by Days (2) also:

Gearbox - Service Due Type - Step 2


To toggle the display of a vehicle, go to Vehicles by either clicking Vehicles (1) on the left-hand side of the screen or clicking the Maintenance (2) drop-down and clicking Vehicles (3):

Gearbox - Service Due Type - Step 3

Click the Vehicle you wish to exclude and from the tabs in the Edit Vehicle page, select Settings (1):

Gearbox - Service Due Type - Step 4

Scroll down and under the Exclusions header you can edit the Vehicle Service Exclusions to prevent the Vehicle from showing up:

Gearbox - Service Due Type - Step 5

By default, a vehicle will be displayed in all parameters. To hide a vehicle on a specific list, click on the check box and save changes.