Creating Stock Adjustments

To create a stock adjustment, click the Parts drop-down (1) then click the Stock Adjustment option (2):

Gearbox - Stock Adjustment

Click the green New Adjustment button (1):

Gearbox - Stock Adjustment - step2

Enter the Adjustment Date (1), this is a required field. Optionally, enter a description/reference # (2) and a note (3). Click on the Add Item button (4) if you are adding a part, or click Transfer if you wish to adjust stock from one site to another (5):

Gearbox Stock Adjust - step4

If you selected ‘Add Item’:

Select the part you want to adjust the stock of (1), enter the site that is having its stock adjusted (2) – this can be unallocated – enter an optional note (3). Enter either the new quantity that will be in stock (4) or enter the amount to increase or decrease the current stock by (5). Finally, click Create Stock Adjustment Item (6):

Gearbox - Stock Adjustment - Step 6

If you selected ‘Transfer’:

Select the part you wish to transfer between two sites (1), enter the quantity to transfer (2), the ‘from’ site (3) and the ‘to’ site (4) – finally, click the Transfer Stock button (5):

Gearbox - Stock Adjustment - step 6

You will be prompted if there is not enough of the part in stock to perform the transfer from one site to another:

Gearbox Stock Adjustment - Alert

Once you have completed adding your stock adjustments, click Save and Close and your stock adjustments will be made and finalised.