Creating a Review

Within Gearbox users have the capability the run Compliance Reviews that will calculate criteria such as number of Non/Powered assets, Prestarts, Fault Reports and more. This feature removes the stress and paperwork normally associated with running Compliance Reviews.

The Compliance module is required to access the Review feature.
Only Accredited assets will display in a Review.

How to Create a Review

Select on the Compliance module and on the drop-down menu click on Reviews.

The Open Reviews page will display all Reviews that are open awaiting to be completed. Click + New Review to create a Review.

Within a new Review, select your review type, start and end date. You can also filter results based on specific Groups and Subgroups. Below is a summary of each Review Type. Areas with an * indicate a compulsory field. To save a Review click Save and Close at the bottom of the screen.