Bulk/Batch Scanning

From the Gearbox main dashboard, click the Documents (1) button in the navbar and select Dashboard (2):

Bulk Scanning Step 1

Click the green Upload Bulk (1) icon and you will be taken to a new page:

Bulk Scanning Step 2

The new screen will require you to drag-and-drop your files you wish to upload or browse your local device for the files:

bulk scanning Step3

You can only upload 10 items at a time with a maximum file size of 15 megabytes per file. The supported file types are: PDF, common image formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF), XLSX, XLS and CSV.
You will receive an alert once all items have successfully uploaded. After closing the prompt, click the Close (1) button and you will be directed to the Unprocessed Documents view:
bulk scanning Step 4
From the Unprocessed Documents view you can Add Tags (1) to the newly uploaded items, this will associate them with the selected Vehicle, Service, Repairs, Tyres, Prestart, Employee or Purchase Order:
bulk scanning Step 5
A pop-up will appear with several options, in this example we have added a Document Description (1), marked the document as Processed (2) and created a Vehicle tag by selecting the relevant vehicle (3) and clicking Create Tag (4). Once all tags have been added, click Save:
bulk scanning Step 6
When tagging an item to a Service, Repair, Tyre or Prestart you MUST select a Vehicle first. Only Services, Repairs, Tyres and Prestarts for the selected Vehicle will be shown.
You can also create a new Service, Repair or Prestart instead of selecting an existing one. When creating a new Service, Repair or Prestart from a Document tag you must enter the minimum information required (this is different per item).