All Open Work Orders Dashboard

All Open Work Orders

Gearbox provides a number of dashboards under the Maintenance Module, one of them being the All Open Work Orders dashboard. The purpose of this dashboard is to provide an overview across the whole system of all the current open work orders that are either currently or have been actioned. The dashboard will display open Service, Repair, Tyre, and Inspection work orders. Click on Open Services/Repairs/Tyres/Inspections to expand or collapse the option.

All areas of the My Assigned Work Orders dashboard will contain a table with the following columns:

  • Work order #
  • Fleet #
  • Registration
  • Type
    • Service Type
    • Repair Type
    • Tyre Type
    • Inspection Type
  • Date Open
  • Fault/Source (apart from Inspections)
  • Date Scheduled
  • Problem/Cause (apart from Inspections)
  • Notes (only Inspections)
  • Repairer
All Open Work Orders dashboard

All Open Work Orders dashboard

The All Open Work Orders dashboard is one of many Maintenance Dashboards that Gearbox contains to provide better visibility when managing your fleet. If you have any queries or require any assistance with Gearbox please contact our Support Team.