Adding Drivers to Prestart in Gearbox

The Prestart Driver/Operator app can be configured within Gearbox.

To add an existing employee to Prestart, navigate to Employees (1) then click Employee (2):

Gearbox - Prestart User - Step 1

Select an existing employee from the table and left-click on them (1):

Gearbox - Prestart User - Step 2

Enter the Employee’s mobile number (1), Prestart will use this as the Employee’s user name (note: this doesn’t have to be a mobile number, it can be any combination of numbers). Ensure the Prestart Mobile User checkbox is checked, check Allow Mass/Load Sheets and Allow Fuel Entry if you want the user to be able to enter these. Lastly click Change Password (3):

Note: click Save and Continue prior to changing the users PIN/password

Gearbox - Prestart User - Step 3

Enter the PIN (1) (this will be the employees password) and confirm the PIN (2), then click Save Changes (3):

Gearbox - Prestart User - Step 4

You will be taken back to the Employee information screen, click Save and Close once you are done editing. The user will now be able to login to Prestart using the number in the Mobile Number field and the PIN you set by logging into

All active Prestart users can be filtered on the Employee Register.

Gearbox - Prestart User - Step 5