Adding a Purchase Order from a Service, Repair and Tyre


Purchase Orders can be created directly from a Service, Repair or Tyre. These Purchase Orders will be created using the details of the Service, Repair or Tyre and include the related Parts.

It is important to note that if a Purchase Order is already linked, the steps below will update the linked Purchase Order if the below criteria is met:

– The Part ‘Supplier’ matches the ‘Supplier’ of the linked Purchase Order

If there are multiple Parts with different Suppliers then multiple Purchase Orders will be created, using the example below:


Two Purchase Orders will be created by following the steps in this article:

  1. Supplier “Bayswater Truck” with the two Parts:
    1. 9318690004538 – Super Greens
    2. 8646KGShirt – King Gee SS Shirt
  2. Supplier “Action Communication” with one Part:
    1. 123ABCd – Mudflaps

Both of these will be shown in the Linked POs area:

You can add further Parts to the Service, Repair or Tyre then click the ‘+’ button again to generate or update Purchase Orders.


This process uses a Service as the example, you can apply similar steps for Repairs and Tyres.

Click the ‘Services’ (1) option in the sidebar or click the ‘Maintenance’ (2) dropdown and select ‘Services’ (3):


If you have not created a Service then do so, otherwise open an existing Service from the table.

Optional: Add any required Parts to the Service with their details.

Click the ‘More Information’ (1) link and locate the ‘Purchase Order #’ (2) field:

Clicking the ‘+’ (1) button will have Gearbox create a new, open Purchase Order using the details from the Service, it will also link the Purchase Order to the Service. You will see the ‘Linked Purchase Orders’ (2) area updated appropriately:

Clicking the linked Purchase Order will take you to the Purchase Order for you to enter further details: