Adding a new Service

There are 2 ways to generate a new Service. Both start by going to the Service section in the Maintenance module.

You may manually add a service by clicking the new button on the Service menu. Each field will then need to specify the The Vehicle and Service Type.

Alternatively, you can now click in a Service Due column (A,B,C,D or E) to automatically create a Service of that type for the Vehicle. Simply click in the column:

Gearbox - Services - Step 1

A new Service will be generated will the Vehicle, Date, Kms (or Hours) & Service Types pre-populated.

Gearbox - Services - Step 2

If you choose to save the Service (and it remains active/open), a link with the Service # will then be displayed on the Service Due screen to identify that action has commenced on the Service. (It is also a hyperlink to the Service).

Gearbox - Services - Step 3