Adding a Load Sheet from Prestart

Login to Prestart ( using your details as setup in Gearbox.

Select the asset you wish to log a Load Sheet against from the vehicle selection (1), then tap the ‘Load Sheets’ (2) button:


From this screen, you can view the Load Sheet history of this asset. Tap the ‘New Load Sheet’ button to begin entering the information:

The Mass Limits for the selected assets must be configured in Gearbox prior to completing a Load Sheet.

Select the relevant ‘Mass Scheme’ (1) and enter the ‘Location’ (2 – optional) and select any Trailers (3) that you are also logging a Load Sheet for. Lastly, tap ‘Save’ (4):


From this screen, you can enter the individual axle weights. If the individual axles are under their specified weight the ‘Limit’ will be highlighted green and if the total is under the specified ‘Total’ it will also show green.

Below is an example of a ‘passing’ Load Sheet:

Below is an example of a ‘failing’ Load Sheet:

Below is another example of a ‘failing’ load sheet but on one axle:

Regardless of the result, click the ‘Save’ button in the bottom-right corner to save your Load Sheet to Gearbox.