Add Road User Charge (RUC/Hubometer) Readings

This feature is only relevant for customers based in New Zealand.
Select Vehicles by either the sidebar (1) or via the Maintenance drop-down (2).


From the Vehicles table, select ‘Road User Charge’ (1):


This table lists all Registered assets in your system, to add a ‘Hub’ reading, click the green button on the relevant asset (1):



Enter the ‘Hub Reading Date’ (1) and ‘Reading’ (2) then click ‘Save’ (3):



The reading most recently entered, regardless of the ‘Hub Reading Date’ will be used. The most recently entered reading, regardless of ‘Hub Reading Date’, will always overwrite any previous value.
Once saved, you will see the ‘Hubometer’ (1) value updated. The ‘Remaining KMs’ (2) is automatically calculated based off either the highest KM reading or the entered ‘RUC Expiry KMs’ (3) *:



The highest KM reading for the asset is used when the ‘RUC Expiry KMs’ is either not set or zero.


* Please see the following Knowledge Base Article on how to add RUC Expiry KMs