Add or Edit Repairers

There are two options when it comes to adding Repairers, these are described below:

Option 1:

To add or edit Repairers, click on the Repairers drop-down (1) at the top of the screen and then click Repairers (2):

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 1

Click the green New Repairer button (1):

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 2

The only required information on this screen is the Repairer Name (1), once you have entered the Repairer Name, click Create Repairer (2):

Note: you will not be able to enter information into the Services, Repairs, Tyres, Others and Parts tabs until you have created the repairer.

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 3

Option 2 – ‘On the fly’:

If the setting REPAIRER_ADD_ON_THE_FLY is not equal to 512 in settings then you will be able to add repairers on the fly. The below list shows the various permissions that can assigned to REPAIRER_ADD_ON_THE_FLY in settings:

0 = ALL users can add repairers on the fly

4 = Contractors and above users can enter repairers on the fly

32 = Standard and above users can enter repairers on the fly

128 = Managers and above users can enter repairers on the fly

256 = Only Administrators can enter repairers on the fly

512 = No users can enter repairers on the fly

To check if REPAIRER_ADD_ON_THE_FLY is enabled click on your username at the top-right of the screen (1) and then click Settings (2):

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 4

Scroll down this screen until you find the System Parameter REPAIRER_ADD_ON_THE_FLY:

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 5

You can simply click on the number to edit the value.

Adding a repairer on the fly can be completed from various screens, from this example we will be completing it from the Repair screen. Click Repairs (1) on the left hand side of the screen:

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 6

Click the green New Repair button (1):

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 7

In this example we will not be filling out an entire Repair sheet. Under the Repairer header, start typing in the Repairer name (1), if the repairer does not currently exist the system will add “(new)” next to the name you type in, make sure to click on the item in the drop down otherwise when your selection changes it will be removed:

Gearbox - Repairers - Step 8

Once you have saved the repair, the system will also add the Repairer to the Repairer register to be available for future use. This can be completed from many screens, including Tyres, Services etc.

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