Add or Edit an Equipment Issue


The purpose of this article is to guide users on how to add equipment issues to employees and vehicles. You can log which vehicle or asset has been assigned to an employee as well as smaller equipment e.g. company mobile phones, laptops, tools, PPE. An Equipment Issue can also be added to the vehicle itself, e.g. fire extinguisher, toolbox, first-aid kit.

An Equipment Issue requires that an Employee or Vehicle be added to the system. For instructions on how to add an Employee, click here. It also requires that the equipment be added to the system either as a Vehicle/Asset or as a Part. For instructions on how to add a Part, click here.

Add or Edit an Equipment Issue to an Employee

Click the ‘Employees’ (1) dropdown and click the ‘Equipment Issue’ (2) option:

Equipment Issue via Employees tab

Click the ‘New Equip Issue’ (1) button:

New Equip Issue button

Enter the ‘Employee’ (1), ‘Vehicle’ (2) and ‘Issue Date’ (3 – required):

New equipment issue fields

If you wish to add Parts or Documents to the Equipment Issue, click ‘Save and Continue’. Otherwise, you have added your Equipment Issue successfully.

Please note that the Vehicle field is not required. If you wish to assign Parts only, leave the vehicle field blank and click ‘Save and Continue’.

If you have opted to add Parts or Documents, click on ‘Add Equipment Issue Part’ (1), enter the Part number (2) and click ‘Create Equipment issue part’ (3):

Add Equipment Issue Part pop up

Once you have added all necessary parts to the Equipment Issue you can click ‘Print’ (1) to export a PDF copy of the Equipment Issue that gives the option for the Employee to sign against each item, then click ‘Save and close’:

Equipment Issue print button

PDF Export:

Equipment Issue PDF printout

You can view all Equipment Issues assigned to an Employee on the Employee edit screen (1), Equipment Issues can also be added from this screen (2):

To edit, click on the relevant Equipment issue. In this window, you can change the vehicle assigned and add a returned date to an issued part.

Add or Edit an Equipment Issue to a Vehicle/Asset

An Equipment Issue for a vehicle can be added and edited in the same way as for an Employee. The only difference is where it is located. To add or edit a vehicle equipment issue, go to the Vehicles section and click on the vehicle that you wish to add an equipment issue to.

Vehicles section button

Next, go to the Parts tab, scroll down to the Equipment Issues section and click on the Equipment Issue you wish to edit or the + Add Equipment button to add a new Equipment Issue. Click Save and close to save your changes.

Vehicle Parts Tab