Add or Edit Vehicle Makes

To add or edit Vehicle Makes, click on your username at the top-right of the screen (1) and then click Settings (2):

If “Settings” is not visible in your menu, contact your system administrator to request access.

Gearbox - Vehicle Makes - Step 1

On the left-hand side of the screen, use the scroll bar (1) to scroll to the bottom of the list. Once you have reached the bottom you will see Vehicle Makes (2), click on Vehicle Makes

Gearbox - Vehicle Makes - Step 2

From this screen you can Add New Make (1) of vehicle, delete (2) an existing Vehicle Make and modify an existing tag (3) by clicking the field:

Gearbox - Vehicle Makes - Step 3

Once you have clicked Add New Make you will be taken to a new screen where you can enter the Vehicle Make (1), e.g. “Volvo”. Once you have entered your Vehicle Make, click Save (2):

Gearbox - Vehicle Makes - Step 4

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