Add / Edit a Permit

To create or edit an existing Permit please see the steps below.

Creating & Editing a Permit

On the top navigation bar click Compliance and then select Permits. Alternatively, if already in the Compliance module click Permits on the left-hand side navigation bar.

On the Permits page there are a number of options:
New Permit = create a new Permit record.
All Entries = all Permits (Group/Subgroup/Permit Type/Date filtering applied).
Expiring = all expiring Permits (Group/Subgroup/Permit Type applied).
Overdue = all overdue Permits (Group/Subgroup/Permit Type applied).
Closed = all closed Permits (Group/Subgroup/Permit Type/Date filtering applied).
Reports = all Permit based reports.

Click on New Permit.

Permits have several required fields, enter the ‘Vehicle’ (1), ‘Permit Date’ (2), ‘Type’ (3), ‘Supplier’ (4) and the ‘Permit Expiry Date’ (5):

  1. Vehicles – the vehicle/s the Permit is applied for.
  2. Type – the Permit type.
  3. Supplier – the Supplier of the Permit (Repairer/Supplier list).
    New Permit records will display active Repairer/Suppliers. Editing existing Permit records will display both active and archived Repairer/Suppliers.
  4. Permit Date – entry date of Permit.
  5. Permit expiry date – exit date of Permit.

If you have multiple vehicles on the same Permit you can select multiple vehicles for the one permit: