Add / Edit a Load Sheet

Navigate to the Load Sheet section of Gearbox by clicking ‘Compliance’ (1) and select ‘Load Sheets’ (2):

You can either click the ‘New Load Sheet’ (1) button or click the ‘+ Add’ (2) button. Clicking the ‘+ Add’ button will pre-fill the vehicle information:

Enter the ‘Load Sheet Date’ (1) and select the relevant Vehicle (2) if it is not pre-filled. The remaining fields are optional but have been filled in the below example:

If you want to add Documents, e.g. load dockets, you must save the Load Sheet first.

Click ‘Save and Close’ and you will be returned to the Latest Load Sheets view, you will see the relevant day has been coloured:

Colour Code:

Green : No overloads

Red : One or more overloads

Grey : Zero loads recorded